Our Mission

  1. At Troxell Financial, our mission is to provide clarity and confidence for our clients’ financial future. Our commitment to this mission is reflected by our defined process.

Core Values

  1. Maintain unwavering integrity.
  2. Strive to exceed client expectations.
  3. Approach all client engagements with empathy.
  4. Fiduciary responsibility to act in our client’s best interest.

A Strategic Approach: 360 Vision

At Troxell Financial, we have developed and refined a process, 360 Vision, to provide our clients with clarity, confidence, and communication around their financial future. This process is dynamic and always evolving to align with our clients. Our Firm values long-term relationships and it is our unique process that holds each of us accountable.   

Clarity: Discover, Design, and Implement

  • We perform an in-depth client discovery to help understand what is truly important to you. 
  • We design and implement a tailored plan that details your current situation along with a clear, understandable plan of action.
  • Our sound recommendations are designed to show clients their options, simplify issues, and streamline decision-making.

Confidence: Individualized Guidance

  • Years of knowledge and experience, coupled with a team approach, allows us to innovate and provide a more meaningful perspective.
  • We have a time-tested investment philosophy within our strategies that allows us to develop highly customized portfolios. 
  • The monitoring of your portfolio allows us to be proactive in the management of your plan.
  • Our ability to leverage resources and collaborate with other professionals creates a truly comprehensive plan.

Communication: Personal Attention and Long-Term Relationships        

  • We uphold a relentless commitment to the highest levels of accessibility, responsiveness and follow-through, so that you may always know what is going on with your investments. 
  • Ongoing communication helps us keep you informed and holds us accountable.
  • Our process ensures the relationship we build together is centered around mutual comfort, respect, and, ultimately, trust.