2020 Best Places to Retire

September 01, 2020

2020 has been a wild ride!  There have been so many changes to our NORMAL daily lives and a lot of people are stepping back and re-focusing on what is important in their lives.

One trend that has come from the Corona Virus Pandemic is that many people are deciding to retire earlier than initially anticipated.  Have you thought about retirement?

There are many things to consider when retiring, including where you want to live.    

In a recent study, US News looked at 125 of the largest metropolitan areas in the country to determine the best places to retire in 2020. They included data on housing affordability, quality healthcare, taxes, job market and overall happiness and quality of life. 

With its beautiful weather and low taxes, it is no surprise that Florida ranks #1 of all states as the best place to retire.  4 cities from Florida made the top ten, including Ft. Myers at # 1. 

 Did your favorite city make the list?

To check out the list and find out more information on the cities click here