Our Mission

At Troxell Financial, our mission is to help our clients make the best decisions as they accumulate, protect and transfer their wealth.  Our commitment to this mission is defined by three core elements:

 A Strategic Approach

  • We perform an in-depth client discovery to help us understand what is truly important to you.
  • We create and implement a tailored plan than details your current situation along with a clear, understandable plan of action.
  • Our sound recommendations are designed to show clients their options, and simplify issues and decision-making.

Benefit:  You can be confident that your plan is organized, monitored and implemented according to your needs.

Individualized Guidance

  • Years of knowledge and experience, coupled with a team approach allows us to innovate and provide a more meaningful perspective.
  • We have a time-tested investment approach with comprehensive strategies that allows us to develop highly customized portfolios.
  • Our ability to leverage resources and collaborate with other professionals results in a truly comprehensive suite of products.

Benefit:  Clients feel at ease knowing that they have a trusted centralized source that taps into many resources.

Personal Attention        

  • We uphold a relentless commitment to the highest levels of accessibility, responsiveness and follow-through, so that you may always know what is going on with your investments.  
  • Ongoing communication and monitoring helps us keep you informed, and makes us proactive to changes in your portfolio.
  • Our transparency and our ability to truly develop relationships creates an environment of mutual comfort and trust.

Benefit:  Clients experience the financial confidence that comes from personalized services and long-term relationship.